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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

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(via NPR Limited Edition Peter Max iSongBook) In honor of NPR’s 40th anniversary, the iconic pop artist Peter Max has graciously designed this limited edition Tivoli iSongBook for NPR. The Tivoli iSongBook is not just another iPod dock. Utilizing the Apple “Universal Docking Station,” the flip-down dock charges your iPod while it plays and stows away when not in use. The second speaker detaches from the main unit for true stereo imaging, up to 6 feet with the built-in cord. The iSongBook also features an AM/FM tuner, 5 station presets, on-demand backlight, sleep timer and an alarm. Wake to a pleasant tone or to your iPod, the choice is yours. The credit-card sized remote controls all of the iSongBook functions and many iPod functions, such as playlists and albums. The iSongBook can operate on 6 “AA” standard or rechargeable batteries. It even features a built-in battery charger. All that combined with the expressive and colorful art of Peter Max makes this truly a work of art! Features: Independent FM front end, dual multi-element ceramic IF filters, and stereo trap filters for reduced noise and greater FM selectivity Digital alarm clock and sleep function Auto/manual tuning with 5 station presets Auxiliary input and stereo headphone output On-demand blue backlit LCD Suitcase/briefcase-friendly size Compatabile with: 4-6 Generation iPod Classic, 1-2 Generation iPod mini, 1-5 Generation iPod Nano, 1-2 Generation iPod Touch, 1st Generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS Operates using included external power supply or six “AA” alkaline/NiMH/NiCAD batteries* or 12V source One year manufacturer’s warranty Dimensions: 6.19” H x 11” W x 2.19” D *Batteries not included


This year, the conference has attracted 500 bands traveling from 45 countries–and that’s just the officially listed count. Get an eyeful of whence these musicians hail in the graphic below, and then try your hand at guessing how many “extra” acts will turn up in Texas the second week of March.

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Alejandro Escovedo – “Anchor” (live)


Escovedo is a SXSW and Austin mainstay and he continues to find a relevant musical niche with 2010’s Street Songs of Love.  I’ve always thought of Escovedo as Austin’s Springsteen, but he’s got an indie rock mentality that maintains a garage pop vibe.  He’s been releasing records for twenty years, so there’s a wealth of material that will be at play with his multiple SXSW appearances this year.  It’s important to note that Escovedo’s music has a really accessible vibe – I’m amazed mainstream radio hasn’t really given him a chance especially since 2008’s excellent Real Animal.  Nonetheless, Escovedo should draw an admirable crowd with a dedicated fanbase both locally and beyond.

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Diamond Eyes (Leaked Dub)


sextape // deftones

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Stereogum writes: “Director SupaDope’s video for BOSCO’s quirky, sidelong indie-pop song “Joker” is a dramatic and disturbing abuse/rape/revenge narrative, and it’s probably NSFW just on the strength of the pure brutality of its imagery. That video is below, as is a download of the Atlanta band’s song.” Play it here…

Great new release today. Rocco brings it down acoustically this time around yet still very hypnotic with his voice and dobro guitar taking center stage.

Great new release today. Rocco brings it down acoustically this time around yet still very hypnotic with his voice and dobro guitar taking center stage.

As a Windows Phone 7 early user, this is a slick new development for the OS…welcome Nokia!